Ethio-Blossoms Tour and Travel, based in Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, is established and owned by a group of educated entrepreneurs who have had adequate business experience in the country and internationally. Understanding the unleashed tourism potentials of Ethiopia, the company is geared toward providing unmatched tour operation services that would definitely exceed tourists’ expectations.  Our focus is on providing a bespoke tour service aimed at meeting the needs and expectations of discerning travelers; giving greater flexibility and choice of interest, venue, and itinerary to ensure satisfaction. To these effects, Ethio-blossoms Tour and Travel designs tailor-made and customized tour packages providing the right mix of transport, accommodation and tour guides.


To provide seamless and unmatched travel experiences to domestic and international tourists through quality, efficient and value-for-money service delivery that turns every incidence in to unforgettable memories


To be one of the TOP 20 tour operators in Ethiopia in terms of volume of tourists and foreign exchange earnings in 2023.


  • Tour Operations
  • Flight Reservations
  • Air Ticket Sales
  • Hotel Bookings & airport transfers
  • Car Rental
  • Organizing Meetings and Events
  • Visa advice


  • Northern Historic Tour (Tour to UNESCO World Heritage sites)

This tour takes you to one of the most magnificent cultures and landscapes on Ethiopia’s Historic Route.  In this fascinating part of Africa, the past comes alive in the form of strange and beautiful monuments and ruins, built many centuries ago in what used to be one of the greatest kingdoms of the world. Marvel at the spectacular 2,000-year-old stelae at Axum, the rock-hewn churches of Lalibela built more than 800 years ago, the castles of Gondar and the island monasteries of Lake Tana.

  • Cultural Tour

Isolated for millennia from the rest of the world, the beautiful Omo Valley is home to an exciting mix of many small and distinctive tribal groups. Lacking any material, culture and artifacts common to other cultures, these tribes are experts at body painting, using clays and locally available vegetable pigments to trace fantastic patterns on each other’s faces, chests, arms and legs. These designs are created purely for fun and aesthetic effect, each artist vying to outdo his fellows.

  • Religious Tour to Holy Sites

This tour takes you to the 11 man-made rock-hewn churches of Lalibela which designed to be the second Jerusalem. The Holy Ark of the Covenant and monasteries of Tigray, ancient churches of Gondar, the secret monasteries of Lake Tana. Wonder about place where the first Hijira performed by the followers of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH), Al Negashi- Africa’s first mosque and the last resting place of the first followers of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH). Explore the walled city of Harar- the fourth holiest city of Islam, numbers with 82 mosques, three of which dated back to the 10th century, and 102 shrines.

  • Adventure Tour

Be brave enough to go down to the world deepest landmark and climb the peak of Ethiopia. Ranging from 120 meters below sea level in harsh salt flats of the Danakil depression, to the 4624-meters peak of Ras-Dashen in the Simian Mountains (the fourth highest peak in Africa).

  • Nature-based Tour

Experience the beauty of Ethiopia. Bird watching, the Rift Valley Lakes, the great Bule Nile falls, Mountain trekking and National  parks.

  • Hallal Tour

This tour will take to the most Islamic holy site of Ethiopia; Al-Negashi mosque and the walled city of Harar, etc. Experience Private time with your family in attractive Resort hotels, lodges and guest houses.

  • Festivals and Special event

UNESCO World Heritage of Religious and Nationalities intangible festivals; Meskel festival, Ethiopian Epiphany, Gena (Ethiopian charismas), Chamballala,  Irreechaa.

  • Educational Tours

Specialist tours can be designed for academic institutions; to museum, parks, historic sites, galleries, industrial parks, etc.

  • Meetings, city tour, events organization and excursions.

unmatched travel experiences to domestic and international tourists through quality, efficient and value-for-money service delivery that turns every incidence in to unforgettable memories