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  • Spaces Available: All spaces are available
  • Days and Nights: 1 Days and 0 Nights
  • Tour Code: DPBTP-EBTT 01/2018
  • Tour Guide:-
  • Minimum Participant: 1 traveler and 1 Ethio Blossoms Tour guide
  • Transportation: Surface Drive
  • Start Location: Addis Ababa
  • End Location: Addis Ababa
  • Type of Tour: Day tour

For the followers of Ethiopian Orthodox Church, Debre Libanos (meaning Mount Lebanon) is one of the most important religious site in the whole country. Its founder, Saint Tekelehaymont contributed to the abdication of Zagwe dynasty, believed to be usurpers, and to return of emperors being offspring of King Solomon. He also contributed to spreading the Christian religion in south Ethiopia. He was canonized for his service. Originally, the temple did not survive until today. Modern church was funded in 1961 by Emperor Haileselasie I.

According to the legend, Father Teklehaymanot prayed for 29 years in the cave in the canyon of the lake Jemma. Nowadays, the canyon is a target of many pilgrims, and its water is believed to be holy. The road from monastery to the cave takes up  5 minutes. The leader of the monastery – abbot is after the patriarch the second most important cleric of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church.

The gorge of the River Jemma is very picturesque – the river is an inflow for Blue Nile. Especially worth-seeing is a rock bridge called Portuguese. Portuguese, because according to many sources it was built by Portuguese people residing in Ethiopia in 17 century. The construction was built as an order from local magnates. The real Portuguese Bridge connects shores of Blue Nile near Bahirdar. The wrong terminology does not reduce the beauty of the construction. It is worth to wait a while for gelada baboons to walk on it – endemic monkeys of Ethiopia. They live on a cliff that is a gorge of River Jemma. The surroundings of the monastery are a great place to observe birds.

There is a great asphalt road from Addis Abeba to Debrelibanos. The journey takes around two hours which makes it possible to take a trip within one day.


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